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February 2015


50 Best Beauty Tips: The Only Beauty Advice You’ll Ever Need

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Every New Year starts with many resolutions and promises made by individuals. Everyone seems quite ambitious and aims to achieve, what they have aspired in the past year. Mostly women are determined to bring a new gorgeous look accompanied by a perfect shaped body. These targets sound quite difficult to meet, but few tips and tricks can help you a lot in changing your overall personality. For a perfect 2015, we have focused on the basic dos and don’ts which require minimum effort, yielding a greater effect. 1- Freeze Your Eyeliner Liquid eye liner tends to crumble while putting on. This makes it a very tough job, to apply liner smoothly. Many beauticians recommend keeping eye liner 10 minutes in freezer, prior its use. Your liner will work smoothly throughout the day. 2- Shave With Conditioner Conditioner is meant to soften the hair and make them smooth and shiny. It…

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6 tips for a beautiful face

Six Easy Tips for Beautiful face

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For a glowing healthier looking skin it is very essential to keep in mind various aspects of skin care. Everyone has different skin type and so their needs are also different. For your convenience we have separated this article into various sub sections. Feel free to skip to the section that you need. A: Beauty tips according to your skin tone B: Beauty tips for daily routine C: Beauty tips for lighter skin tone D: Beauty tips for ordinary face problems a. Beauty tips according to your skin tone Before adopting a beauty regime it is very important to be familiar with your skin tone as different skin types have different needs and problems. 1. For Dry Skin Having dry skin is not at all easy as it demands a lot of attention and care. It can be very irritating and painful especially during winters and extremely cold weather. It…

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6Dos and Donts For a Healthier Skin

6 Dos and Don’ts For a Healthier Skin

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“Prevention is better than cure”. This famous proverb is applicable for our skin care as well. Besides having good range of products, there are certain things you need to take care of. Healthy lifestyle ensures good skin and delayed aging process. For a healthy skin, there are certain dos and don’ts which are shared below. 1. Protect yourself from the sun Sun light contains UV rays that deeply penetrates the skin, damages it and even causes skin cancer. Excessive exposure to sunlight causes wrinkles, sun burn, freckles and open pores. Try to avoid sunlight as much as possible by staying indoor during noon (UV rays are at its peak), wear clothes that cover the skin properly and carry umbrella during daytime. For UV protection: Use a sunscreen with SPF 15. Apply it 15-20 minutes before moving out during day time. Reapply it after every two hours or as per your…

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16 Skin Hacks From Dermatologists

16 Skin Care Hacks that Dermatologists also Follow

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Today I am going to share some skin care hacks that are currently being used by top dermatologists from the world. Remember one thing, always eat clean and you will have no health and skin issues, our skin issues are mostly related with our diet and our lifestyle. Make some tweaks in diet and the way you are living and you will notice a good change in your skin and overall health. Let’s check these 16 amazing skin hacks now: 1 – Use Some Sunscreen Protection Lisa Garner, MD, Garland, TX-based dermatologist and president of the Women’s Dermatologic Society says that she applies about half a teaspoon of broad-spectrum sunscreen with Vani Cream SPF 30, or higher on her face, neck and ears. “I usually have to apply two coats to finish what I’ve squeezed out, but that’s how I make sure I’m covered.” 2- Healthier skin is sun-kissed skin…

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