8 Essential Foods For Healthy Skin

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Today we are going to tell you about 8 essential foods for healthy skin, you can maintain an ever glowing and beautiful skin by following a clean diet. Let’s take a look at these food:

1- Avocados:

avocado can help you from acne issues

Commonly known as ‘Alligator pear’ because of its hard leather like skin. They are a good source of biotin (vitamin H), a coenzyme which is essential for healthy skin, nails and hair. Avocados help in absorption of carotenoid antioxidants that is why it should be included in salads in the form of fruit or oil.

Take a rip fruit and cut it into half. Remove the skin and seed, and make a smooth paste from pulp. Apply it as a face pack for 20 minutes and then rinse.

2- Green Tea:

Green tea for a clean diet

Used as a beverage throughout the world. It is a very healthy and skin friendly drink. It is used in making many medicines which prevent from cancer and several other diseases. It increases alertness and functioning of brain.

Green tea is best for detoxifying the body by frequent urination. Drink 4 cups daily for healthier skin without any pimples or infection.

3- Tomatoes:

Tomato mask for skin

Rich in lycopene, which helps individuals against sunburn. It also contains a significant amount of carotenoids, which slows down the aging process and prevents the cell damage from free radicals. Blend a tomato and mix it with olive oil to make a nice smooth face mask.

4- Salmon:

eat salmon for beautiful skin

Eat Salmon and look younger. Salmon is enriched with astaxanthin,a carotenoids which prevents the skin from sunburn and increases skin elasticity, which allows fewer fine lines to appear. Add salmon to your salad or try to eat it twice a week for a healthier life.

5- Eggs:

Eggs are good for a healthy lifestlye

A must in your daily diet plan. It is an important source of protein and biotin, which helps in growth and maintains the health with especial focus on skin hair and nails. Regular consumption of eggs prevents from dry skin, brittle nails and damaged hairs.

Crack open an egg and separate yolk from it. Mix 1 teaspoon of honey with the white to make a mask. Now apply the mask on your face and get instant fairness and glow in your skin.

6- Pomegranate:

pomegranate can glow your skin

Protects the dermis and epidermis of skin and encourages the formation of new cells. It helps in healing the wounds and slows down the aging process. It increases blood circulation which makes skin, younger and glowing then ever. Drink pomegranate juice or eat it regularly. Apply its juice on face for instant pinkish glow.

7- Walnuts:

Wallnuts are amazing for skin

Good source of Omega-3 fatty acids, which are essential for healthy brain and skin. These fatty acids bring shine to hair and make one look younger. Walnuts are a good substitute for those who don’t like sea food. During winters, your skin and hair need a huge amount of fatty acids.Include walnuts in your daily routine as dry.

8- Beans:

eating beans can help replenish your skin

A very good source of proteins. Protein contains amino acids that are building blocks of cell. Beans can help in generation of new cells and collagen, essential for healthy skin and body. Eat boiled beans as snacks or add it to your salad. It tastes good with lemon juice and parsley.

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